Seriously, give Tony a break.

March 9, 2015

In a Liberal Democracy, the freedom to criticise the country’s leader is our right, yet the blind hatred reserved for our current Prime Minister by some sectors of the community has removed any ounce of rationality and objectivity.

Tony Abbott, thus far, I believe, has been a mediocre Prime Minister at best. Whilst I agree with his government’s general aspiration of fixing the structural problems of our budget to ensure its long term sustainability, many of the attempted measures to tackle this issue have rightly been criticised, and some shelved altogether.

It’s fair enough to criticise and oppose Abbott on key aspects of policy. Yet too often, especially in social media circles, nasty, vitriolic venom is being hurled at our elected leader with no attempt at objectivity. There’s a vile hatred festering in facebook groups, on Twitter accounts, and in the blogosphere, that’s spitting bile at a man elected to do his bit for public life.

Take, for example, this YouTube clip –

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