Seasonal Pest Control Tips For Australia’s Summer, Spring and Fall

January 26, 2021

Australia! An incredible country with many wonderful qualities, but there’s one thing that never lets up in the aggravation department and that is its pests. Australia is chock-full of nasty creepy crawlies, flying menaces, and slithering sods. All year round, there seems to be something trying to make a nest in your home, fly into your personal space, or simply do your head in.

But, as frustrating as these nasty pests are, there are in fact plenty of things that you can do to prevent them. Or at least, ensure that their presence and impact are as inconsequential as possible.

In this article, we’re going to take you through some seasonal pest control tips, so that you can do your best to keep the little blighters at bay. Are you ready for some pest-proofing wisdom, straight from the experts?

Australia’s Summer Pest Control Tips

Who doesn’t love the wonderful warm weather and sunshine filled days that Australia’s gorgeous summer brings? Unfortunately, as lovely as the summer time is, it brings with it relentless waves of nasty household pests.

The long, warm days and occasional torrents of rain in the summer create the perfect conditions for breeding for a wide variety of filthy, unwanted pests. Take the mosquitos for example. They love the warm weather and are among the most unwelcome guests at our summer cookouts, BBQ’s, and pool parties.

Then there are other flying insects which tend to thrive during the summer, such as wasps! Those freaky and aggressive insects can nest in your home, containing hundreds of aggravating buzz-bots.

And, you have a high number of spider species that appear more often throughout summer time, including some deadly varieties such as the redbacks and white tails.

Your pets are also at risk during the summer due to an increased number of ticks and fleas out on the prowl looking for a lovely fur coat to call home.

Summer pest control tips to keep the buggers at bay:

  • Repair/patch-up or install fly screens (allowing you to keep your home ventilated throughout the summer without allowing swarms of insects into your home)
  • Keep your space clean (spiders love nesting in cluttered spaces)
  • Cover food and beverages to keep wasps away
  • Keep an eye on your pets and try to keep your dogs out of tall grass or bushes


Australian Fall Pest Control Tips

And as the weather begins to cool down, you’d like to think that the pests would bugger off as well, but you’d be wrong. This is Australia. Pests are a year-round issue we all have to contend with. As the temperature drops, more and more insects will try to seek warmth and shelter in your home.

Take cockroaches for example. They don’t seem to mind the cooler temperatures too much.

Here are some fall pest control tips to keep the critters at bay:

  • Now is the time to keep your home clean and tidy as cockroaches love a mess
  • Fix any leaking faucets as damp attracts roaches as well
  • Now would be a good time to ‘pest-proof’ your home (i.e., seal up all entry points)

Winter Pest Control Tips Australia

As the winter cold sets in for the coolest season, you will be spending a significant amount more time indoors. Of course, the trouble with that is that many pests seem to have the same idea. Certainly, you won’t notice as many flying insects or spiders throughout the winter, some pests do indeed hang around all year.

Rodents will certainly be more noticeable in the winter. Rats and mice build their nests in warm places, such as in cupboards or behind appliances.

Termites are equally as active during the cooler weather as well.

Here are some handy winter pest control tips for you:

  • Do what you can to keep your home as unattractive to rodents as possible (seal food in containers and keep your kitchen tidy / bins empty)
  • Always keep an eye out for signs of termites, particularly in areas of your home that tend not to see much traffic (i.e., in the loft space of basement)



Spring Pest Control Tips Australia

Ah finally, spring time has arrived. A time of renewal that welcomes the warmer weather. That being said, even the pests are excited for new beginnings! In the spring time, many species of insects eggs begin to hatch and other insects build new nests.

On the flip side, this is a time where you will notice a lot more bees buzzing around. Our friendly little helpers who are keeping us alive and well! That being said, as lovely as they are and as wonderful as their honey tastes, you have to be mindful of nests, particularly with small children who may have allergies.

Ants are quite prolific in the springtime as well! Stay vigilant.

Here are some spring pest control tips for you:

  • Now is a good time to have a pest control expert check your home for nests
  • If you notice a bee hive in or around your home, call for an expert to come and remove the nest safely. It is paramount that we do not exterminate bees as they are far too precious for our environment! Wasps on the other hand…
  • Keep all food sealed and clean your kitchen of crumbs and sugary foods to prevent ants from trailing in



And there we have it! A year of wonderful seasons filled with menacing pests. Hopefully these tips will be useful to you. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or somewhat unprepared, or if you are too late and you fear that you already have an infestation, contact your local Expert Pest Control company for some emergency assistance! Remember, you are not alone…which in hindsight probably isn’t the best thing to write in an article about creepy crawlies invading your home. What we mean is, there are plenty of pest control experts around to help you! Good luck!

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