What is Black Spot? How to Prevent and Remove Black Spots in Your Pool

June 19, 2024

What is black spots in your pool? What are the common causes of black spots in your pool? How to prevent and remove? Read this for more

If you have noticed some unsightly black spots forming in your swimming pool, then it sounds like you have a nasty algae infestation. This is something that you should deal with immediately. In this post, we’re going to take you through what black spot is, how and why it occurs, and some handy tips on not only how to remove black spots in your pool, but prevent it from coming back in the future.

What is Black Spot in Your Pool?

Black spot is a form of hard-wearing algae that appears to be a dark green/blue in colour. The name ‘black spot’ comes from the dark growth that appears on top of the infestation. You will typically find black spot growing in the ‘hard to reach’ areas of your swimming pool, particularly in shaded areas. It is also very common to find black spot hidden away in your filtration system and pipework.

Black spot is very durable and can thrive in a swimming pool if left unchecked. Don’t think that by removing the black spot itself, that it won’t grow back. Again, it’s a hard-wearing little pest that will continue to grow back regardless.

What are the common causes of Black spots in Your Pool?

Understanding the cause of black spot is key to preventing it. Generally speaking, it’s caused by poor chlorination and higher phosphate levels. Whilst black spot feeds on phosphate, stimulating significant growth, it is equally as common in swimming pools with lower phosphate levels, – so don’t think that reducing the amount of phosphate in your pool will be an instant fix. It will not.

There are other factors to consider as well:

  • High PH levels
  • Low chlorine levels
  • Old, worn out pool interiors
  • Foliage in and around the swimming pool

Black spot prevention tactics

Since black spot is an absolute nightmare to remove, it is better that you try to prevent it all together. If you have black spot now, this might be terribly helpful for you; however, it will be handy once you’ve rid your swimming pool of the infestation properly.

For those with chlorinated swimming pools, keeping your levels above 1.5 parts per million is an effective prevention tactic. In addition to that, you must make sure that the swimming pool is both adequately and evenly chlorinated. This involves running your pump regularly and consistently and focusing on effective water circulation. In addition to this, you must endeavour to keep your PH levels at 7.4 – 7.6 and alkalinity levels between 120 – 150 ppm. And of course, regularly cleaning your swimming pool is essential, particularly when it comes to clearing foliage and debris.

Removing Black spots from Your Pool

Honestly, the most effective way of removing Black spot from your swimming pool is to call in the professionals. Without the correct equipment and experience, it can be an absolute nightmare. There’s no good putting in a whole lot of effort, only to see the black spots return in a few days.

If you go through a reputable pool expert you’ll experience far greater success. You’re better off going with those who are dedicated professionals and can successfully remove the infestation on their first attempt. Again, we cannot understate the importance of proper swimming pool sanitation. – Provided you follow the prevention tactics properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about this issue occurring again in the future.

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