The fake outrage against Scott Morrison

You know what, I am outraged about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s holiday. I am outraged that a social media campaign, led by people still bitter about the May 18 election, seeks to exploit a crisis to prosecute their political agenda and hound a man into submission. That’s what I’m outraged about.

Two people have died fighting the fires, and dullards who only need the faintest whiff of an excuse to spew their bile could not jump on social media quickly enough to make hay from the tragedy. Let’s be frank: the majority of the people complaining don’t actually care about the fires or those who fight them. What they care about is prosecuting their political agenda against someone who they would never vote for anyway. The fires are just a convenient excuse.

Note how even the Australian Labor Party has largely been silent in their criticism of Morrison. This is to their credit. Why? Because they understand that there’s little more he can do than show up for a photo opportunity while comforting victims (which he has already done – see image). One might say that Morrison could help fight the fires himself, but we had a Prime Minister who did that once. He was hounded out of office by the same people.

You have probably missed it, but this is just some of what the Morrison government has been doing in response to the fires: (*all sources listed below in case you wish to check)

  • An extra $11 million in emergency funding has been allocated to support the firefighting effort.
  • Since November 8, the Australian Defence Force has provided jets to transfer firefighters, air support, refuelling and water supply and lent out some of its bases for storing equipment.
  • From November 8 to February 1, Air Force is providing airlift support to move large groups of firefighters and their equipment between interstate locations.
  • From November 17 to December 22, Army is supplying personnel to prepare and cook three meals a day for 250 firefighters at the Rural Fire Service staging ground in the Northern Rivers Region, NSW. This support is to enable respite for the volunteers who have been providing meals.
  • Since November 29, HMAS Albatross has assisted with water refuelling and retardant loading of aircraft fighting the Currowan fires from Naval Air Station Nowra. Seven New South Wales Rural Fire Service aircraft continue to operate from Nowra, comprising four fixed-wing and three helicopters.
  • From November 26 to January 13, Army is providing the New South Wales Rural Fire Service with ground logistic support for the movement of vehicles, stores and equipment in the Wauchope, Glen Innes, Kempsey, Casino, Wollondilly and Hawkesbury areas.
  • On December 20, support provided from RAAF Base Edinburgh, South Australia, to refuel two Large Aircraft Tankers fighting fires near Cudlee Creek and Munno Para.
  • For more information, check the defence department website:

What this entire episode shows is the dissonance between real action and symbolism. People on social media love a clever quote or a compelling photo or a heartwarming video. What they don’t take the time to look for is substance and real action. Morrison trusts cabinet process. He trusts that Australia’s ministers and their departments can manage in his absence, if only for a few days. I wonder how many people who just could not wait to smash their keyboards while chugging down a soy frappuccino (too hot for a cappuccino) actually looked further than The Guardian’s outrage inducing headlines to read what real experts have to say about the crisis on the ground.

Here’s what the Australasian National Council for Fire and Emergency Services said about the Federal Government’s response on December 21:

The National Council for fire and emergency services (AFAC) welcomes the increase in Federal Government funding for Australia’s aerial firefighting capacity for 2019/20 announced by the Prime Minister on Thursday 12 December.

The lift of $11 million, in addition to an existing $15 million provided by the Commonwealth annually, will provide the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC) with additional capacity to engage and extend critical aerial assets supporting firefighting efforts across Australia.

Here is also what they said about support received, as reported:

The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (Afac) said cross-state firefighting resources were funnelled and distributed across the country where they had been requested, by its national resource sharing centre.

“While many volunteers are not available to travel far from their homes or interstate due to local responsibilities, employment or managing drought-stricken stock that require daily feeding, others are prepared to deploy,” Afac said.

It said there was integrated engagement with the commonwealth and national protocols for managing incident responses and the available fleet of 140 aircraft and international personnel.

“Australia has never been better prepared to face natural disasters,” it said.

Surprised? Probably. Because the main thing that has been reported is the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action group. They are a LOBBY group of FORMER firefighters who are only too happy to critique the current PM. Yet what’s interesting is what happens when you go to the source: emergency workers, defence personnel, and actual authorities charged with coordinating the efforts on the ground.

Please do not let social media dictate the national narrative. The outrage is being fueled by bitter, angry people sitting in sumptuous, air conditioned homes who only care about one thing: vengeance for losing the ‘unloseable election’ in May.


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  1. Thank you

    • Why did he try to hide the holiday from the public then? He knew the people would be pissed off. Nice try with the spin but nobody is falling for it. And trying to pass it all off as a promise to his kids is pathetic. Scummo is a coward with zero empathy for his people.

    • Someone loves Scomo? Does not matter to me and plenty other Australians what you say about Scomo he is a weak man, weak leader and only has one job thats to keep his coal mates happy and to keep pretending that there is no climate change. Using his daughters so everyone should understanding his 4th holiday this year. I never voted for him and I think there are many Australians that wish they didn’t. So don’t blame it on the Australians that did not vote for him. Scomo is about Scomo. He has shown his leadership skills and he has stuffed up. He should be thinking about his childrens future not booking a fourth holiday for the year. Stop it with your big pat on his back with your words. He is weak and a sad human who should be sacked and I bet plenty of people that voted for him that lost their homes and love ones wished they didn’t vote for Scumo. So stop blaming people like myself who saw straight through him and knew how weak he would be as a leader.

    • I bet you’re Christian, you’re also super off the mark with the dollar amounts you’ve ‘quoted’ or as I see it ‘plucked out of thin air’ the real amount is actually a lot more but is also 230 million short of what was cut from the RFS and other services.

      Nice try to argue against what is just fact. You’ve failed though.

    • No not me I’m not bitter about his win at all. I was actually pleased when he got off to s flying start. Then I realized he’s not but a con artist his acting lessons are paying dividends. There he is watching footy hugging people showing that he care and how he staunch Christian. One cannot worship God and treat people like shit at the same time. Look what he does do refugees. Lie after lie. Reopens Christmas Island. At an enormous cost. They spending $50 billion on new submarines yet can’t buy more planes to fight the fires. This drought ishas been around for almost 8 years. Failure to plan and make necessary measures to protect our country by him and the liberals has really upset many. They all in it for their own benefit. Blue Red or Green. Sack the lot and find people that to things for the better of the country. Wake up people

  2. They are doing the same in America to Trump

    • Couldn’t agree more. Scomo is a faker,marketing man through and through. He is dangerous and this LNP government is corrupt, inept and heartless. #scomomustgo

  3. Marie Vantin // December 21, 2019 at 3:22 pm // Reply

    PM is only human. He has worked hard the whole year needs to be with family. Tragedies happen PM not to blame for Bush fires. We all cry for the lost men. Keep your filthy comments away from the PM he is doing his best God love him

    • Doing his best?? Give 1 example where this selfish, selfrightous, greedy low life excuse for a P.M. has “DONE HIS BEST”…Please, just 1.

      This oxymoron has basically authorised the fraudulent, highly illegal & immoral theft of money from the lowest earning, poverty stricken people in our country. ROBODEBT BULLSHIT

      Briefly to highlight another ‘NOT DOING HIS BEST’…
      Do not need to say alot here but……
      When we have criminals found guilty of wotever they did to result in jail sentencing…
      How the f##k do these people who have lost the right to their freedom, get easier, more thorough access to services,priviledges etc then our RETURNED SERVICE MEN & WOMEN, CURRENT DEFENCE FORCE MEMBERS, THEIR FAMILIES ETC

      Scott Morrison is the only P.M. and I’ve ever actually stated I dislike immensly…t.b.h…..I usually say ‘hate/loathe’

  4. Matthew Worrall // December 21, 2019 at 4:28 pm // Reply

    SHITMO IS A FCKN DISGRACE – FRAUDULENT “CHRISTIAN’, liar, racist, cruel, vindictive, HELLBOUND, need I

    • Michael kudrins // December 21, 2019 at 9:03 pm // Reply


      • And a Merry Christmas to you.

      • And you are an imbecile.

      • Foul language paints you as a non-Christian. I am sick to death of those who post such vile statements. If you believe that Scott Morrison is doing such a bad job please put your money where your mind is, and nominate for a place in parliament. And how about showing everyone that you are an intelligent commentator and make an intelligent comment not laced with the language of the gutter for impact.

    • Matthew Worrall you’re exactly the person this article is speaking about. Just an angry person with no real idea, maybe educate yourself in facts and make thoughtful and educated responses that put forward your opinion in a positive manner whilst giving others the right to have theirs. I have zero respect when people like you provide angry, poor and personal responses like this that seek to denigrate people and the type of similar rubbish in some sections of the media (and all the sheep that go baa baa and follow without thought nor professional journalism). The vocal minority of people and media like you seek to shut everyone else up by being the loudest and rudest so that people fear speaking up and having proper and thoughtful discussion.

    • He is meant to be a leader! This is a tragedy and unprecedented. Imagine If Bush had pissed off when 9/11 happened! He has already had holidays this year and how many sittings in Parliament? Plus he denied overseas help, although they are turning up. I guess that empathy teacher didn’t teach him much.

  5. Finally a story with a little thought and honesty.

    • Michael kudrins // December 21, 2019 at 9:05 pm // Reply

      Wrong Matthew Worrall

    • Agree. As PM he is suppose to be hete not gallivanting. It must be hard on his kids but he wanted an all or nothing job. Most would be also down on a labor PM if he was gallivanting when the country burns.

      • the voice of reason // December 22, 2019 at 4:05 pm //

        Actually, both Rudd and Gillard went overseas four times to avoid facing up to things their parliament had dome. One of which was the pink bats fiasco which under direction of policies made by their party resulted in the deaths of poor workers trying to implement their policies.
        Lefites have a very short memory… remember peter garret, we loved him as a performer, but in parliament, he was one of the greatest underachievers, name one achievement.

  6. Lillian Greenup // December 21, 2019 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    People who make these criticisms need to know what they are talking about. The PM has a family as well as everyone else, and I am pleased he is spending time with them. After all, what more can he do about these fires? The authorities are prosecuting those who lit them, the firefighters who are trained are doing their part, communities are also doing what they can to help themselves and others. Just take a look at what measures the PM has put in place. He is a good man doing a job that I would never want to do.

  7. I am not against the PM having a holiday with his family.
    I am against him doing it while there is an obvious National emergency where leadership is expected.
    Arrange another taxpayer funded holiday with after this dies down (I know, it’s nowhere near Xmas and that church in New York will only open once)…

  8. Of course the PM needs to have a holiday with his family. But his timing showed ignorance that many will not forget. It’s silly to make excuses for him. He screwed up, pure and simple. I thought he was a little brighter than that. Nope…

  9. I think everyone should take a deep breath slow down and start showing respect to one and another let’s start looking after everybody which is what all Aussie do we are known for our strength and resilience it’s been a long year let’s get back to standing together.

  10. Audrey Jacqueline // December 21, 2019 at 10:48 pm // Reply

    What I do know is that our Rurals have twice been asked to volunteer to go interstate to fight fires this week while our auxilliaries were only asked at the beginnng of the emergency. Let me add that Rurals fight for free and aux’s have to be paid. Let no expense be spared?

  11. What a shame people can’t work together to solve the issues our country is facing without tearing each other apart. We are in crisis now, we have a devastating drought, a country which has major water issues and a nation on fire. Stop finding fault and become part of the solution. Bullying our leaders is not the way to come together. People are suffering and dying, we should be better than this.

  12. Normally it is the hypocrites who have everything to say and nothing to do. So these people who claim they wouldn’t go on leave when they know very well they would do the same if not worse, plus its none of anyone’s business if the PM chooses to take leave. Is he not entitled? Also, do I sense some JEALOUSY.

    • He damned well should NOT be entitled to his 4TH HOLIDAY THIS YEAR using TAXPAYERS MONEY during A NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

      He gets paid 500k a year and has been working HALF THE YEAR. Defending him is an act of stupidity and ignorance.

  13. No-one Important // December 22, 2019 at 1:36 am // Reply

    I can’t see anything in there about what the Australian Government is doing about tackling climate change. That is what the scientists think is the driver for longer fire seasons and drier conditions.
    Is great to give $11 million, but what does it mean when Australia keeps selling thermal coal to the world?

    • Climate change thats what this is really about. Scomo should of gone to at least one of the meetings with the 23 ex fire fighters. He has shown he does not care about our country, our planet. Scomo only cares about Coal and his rich mates. He has no intention of taking action to climate change he can’t let his party down. Once again its about climate change v’s his love for coal.

    • just another stupid leftie // December 22, 2019 at 4:09 pm // Reply

      My toast burned this morning. it was due to climate change. Thousands of scientists would agree.

    • Is that all he gets paid to run a country? Shameful when it consumes his and his family’s life all day for nearly every day. We need to protect our leaders no matter which party. No job is worth this much stress and vile criticism. So many people earn so much more than him.

  14. spot on thanks for some facts. if all journalists took the time to look up some facts rather than trying to outrage people. I think people forget they can help ,fight fires ,tackle climate change ect… We blame pm he cant do it without our help there has to be 1 tiny thing everyone can do to help there is24.6 million people in this country how many of us has helped in any way

  15. Where were all these facts and figures when this started? Where was the state premiers when we needed leadership? Of course he needs a break no one is denying this but his timing was extremely poor, not to mention any of the state premiers and let’s not forget the Greens in all this. Our leaders showed next to no leadership. This is what this is really about. The fires are happening now our experts are are advising what needs to be done, politicians, show us what you can do. Be present in the media for the right reasons the country needs you now more than ever.

    • Why does he need a break when he’s already been on 3 this year? How many firefighters will miss Christmas with their families because of the fires, while the PM is gallivanting in Hawaii?

      Please, describe to me how that is leadership worthy of 500k+ taxpayer money every year.

  16. He is hurting Australians in many areas, yes a holiday but 3 this year 46 sitting days of parliament and he has holidayed for 45 days frig he gets payed well enough half a million per yr and benefits. christian what BS , he is hurting the poorest in our community and Indue card causing homelessness, going after pensions , MDB, cash ban, pedophiles protecting the list goes on an on scumbag scomo

  17. Thank you for this… I have no real faith in social media opinions.

  18. Gervase Fullerton // December 22, 2019 at 9:17 am // Reply

    Im sure these people who criticize have to employ the talents of a groom of the stool

  19. Phyllus Jones // December 22, 2019 at 9:32 am // Reply

    Phyllus jones while I agree he is entitled to a holiday,, paid for out of his own pocket of course, it must be remembered he is our leader and chief and should be at the helm during a crisis. Let us also not forget he is not directly responsible but his government and those of the past are. They have allowed the mighty dollar to rule their decisions when making policy e.g. Ardani Mines, over burden of livestock, deforestation and destruction of wildlife and their habitats etc. Also we the people are just as guilty as we sit in our comfy seats and criticise but take no part in making sure these things don’t happen. Be sure your not guilty of the same before casting those stones.

  20. In a time of crisis, drought and fires, or country needs its leader to stand up to be be seen and heard giving support and encouragement. That is what a leader does.
    Whilst thousands of volunteers are away from their families during this holiday period and most likely on Christmas Day, a great leader would make similar personal sacrifices.

  21. A spirited defence that will appeal to the true believers but won’t change the opinion of anyone concerned that our government is failing to adequately address a critical problem that can’t be wished away.

  22. This article is the same in reverse as what you are complaining about. Here is a news flash from me ” that it is his and the Governments job to do all of those things plus a lot more. We the people fund the defense force and pay for the bases why then should they not be used in these situations why not have them trained to help the people fight the fires not just cook them meals and fuel the planes. to go on about trying to make it a political win what is the photo shoots above of him consoling the unfortunate affected by these fires nothing more than a political stunt.

  23. Josie Burrows // December 22, 2019 at 10:11 am // Reply

    To the writer…since you have referenced your material to write this piece, how about you put your name to it? It is pretty simple that when this country is in crisis the leader of the country should not be on holidays, but here leading the country and doing his job. If we were at war, would he take off to a foreign country and leave the states to deal with it? This man is not a leader, he is a puppet.

  24. Kelly Jenkins // December 22, 2019 at 10:34 am // Reply

    What a political piece of shit article. Writer clearly liberal, rich and arrogant just like our pm. Replacing some of the cuts he made does not make him a hero. Hnoone is crying at a lost election. Were crying as he is so out of touch, he really is as useless and corrupt as trump.

  25. The anger is directed at his inaction on contributing anything to reduce climate change.
    Treat the cause – not the symptom. Getting cranky at him for not going and personally fighting the fires is the lack of forward thinking that Australia is becoming known for. Fires this severe will become a yearly event unless we look at reducing our emissions.

  26. Beware the roll out of the campaign to rebuild SMOKO’s public image .. first comes the public apology – then the press release that the PM is cutting his holiday short (by one day I do believe) – then comes the roll out of the paid fake voices – who, in the words of a former media PR campaigner – ” I have noticed the unleashing of fake voices on social media and in commentary. Go to Scott Morrison’s page and you will see them. Go to any big media discussion and you will see them. These are paid people or those organised by interested parties, pro the Libs in this case,who get on and make positive statements. The theme seems to be that The PM has a right to take a break with his kids and that firefighting is a state activity not a federal. The other themes often include that firefighters are doing a great job and Morrison himself can’t physically help or that Gladys can’t fight the fires herself. Yes, pretty flimsy but they are everywhere and the narrative is trying to be changed.” –

    So who is According to their website bio – which is pretty short and rather flimsy btw – The Thought Hub features Australian political and social commentary. The Thought Hub values classic liberalism, individualism and the free market. Thanks ThoughtHub but I prefer to get my information from trusted sources and those who have lost houses, who can’t breathe because of the choking smoke, those who have worked unpaid for weeks to fight fires and not from the Liberals. And I also like to get my information from people with faces and a name … not faceless, nameless voices hiding behind their social media profile.

    Nobody is saying that the Government has done absolutely nothing – we know and fully expect these actions to be taken – this is nothing short of what a government should do in a time of national crisis. The worldwide condemnation is more that basically “the Captain left the bridge of the ship at a time that the vessel was on fire” Smoko is our Captain and leader – as such he should be here, making decisions, keeping watch, and showing that he actually cares and is concerned for those who gave him the responsibility of leading this country (not me btw)

  27. BTW …. that’s my comment above … my name is Cathy ..sorry didn’t want to be just another anonymous voice

  28. The site editor is: Dale Hughes, a Melbourne-based freelance writer. Should be able to get in contact with him to find the author.

  29. Isn’t comment by “TheThoughtHub” just more social media comment which is largely the complaint of the article?

  30. Kieran Bridges // December 22, 2019 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    they do not respect our democracy, our country or it’s people. They are in it only for themselves to make themselves and their mates richer than they already are while taking money and dignity from everyone else. They won the last election through lies and deceit and have stacked every major agency with people friendly to the Liberal party so they will never be investigated, the madness taking over the political scene must end and a message needs to be sent to all political parties that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated, they need to understand that they are there to govern for all Australians and not just those who can fund their campaigns so we ask that the Governor General take action and help us send this message.

  31. Bruce Townsend // December 22, 2019 at 12:32 pm // Reply

    Ive been volunteering at bushfires since I was a 16 year old school boy, since the days of the war criminal, climate change denier Howard last days in office, I have refused, for 30 years, maybe more successive governments have been warned about our exposure to the risk of bushfire, seemingly as the risks get greater the efforts from government has gotten less,until now its gotten to the point of extreme danger, 3 times I have almost been cooked, if you want me and people like me to put lives on the line, how about doing things other than sending a minister to a climate debate with orders to try water down the outcomes. Stop attending pacific island forums to divide and conquor, to achieve the outcomes you desire, Australia is in just as great a danger as the islands, just a different threat. I dont accept governments over the past 20 or so years have done nearly enough, fire is our greatest threat to life as we once knew it here in Australia, if more time was spent in preparation, more bombers, professional crews to fight the fires not a few professionals and the rest volunteers there may not have been such tradgedies as black saturday and our current dire situation. I point blank refuse to lift a finger for any of the current crop of politician pretenders, in every war there are innocent bystanders, this us a war

  32. Does the captain of the ship stoke the engines? Is he the one with his hands on the tiller?

    If you genuinely think that the leader of a nation has nothing better to do than lay on a beach in a time of national crisis, then I’m sorry but you just don’t get it and probably never will.

    If you genuinely think that this outrage nothing but a matter of political opportunism, then you are every bit as blinded by partisanship as those you accuse.

  33. SCOMO could be our best PM but he dropped the ball this time. He should sack his advisors and I’m a liberal voter. He was away while Australia burned. Let’s hope he doesn’t make similar mistakes again. But to his credit he came back and didn’t defend his politically atrocious decision.

    • His apology was more of a “sorry not sorry” than genuine. He cut his holiday by only one day, and then has done next to nothing since he came back. And no – replacing a fraction of the cuts his government has already made to the efforts to combat the fires does not count.

  34. SCOMO is a very clever poli. He apologized to us and cos he appealed to our collective tolerance he again won like in his miracle election result. Must have been hearing the Holy Spirit guidance this second time cos the first time he relied on human reasoning. He came back and maybe saved his job again!!! Go SCOMO go you champion.

    • If a politician has to constantly save his own ass because he keeps messing up, he is no champion, just an idiot with some dumb luck.

  35. Wow. People like you really do exist.
    Ok so here’s a closer reality – there IS more than can be done than a photo opportunity. It’s called leadership.
    You’re right, many don’t know of the investments the liberal government has contributed to the cause because there’s been little or no communications.
    I live in ones the heavily affected areas and have spent days battling the front, and everyone within the smoke had the same question – why isn’t he here supporting people at our greatest time of need?
    If you think good leadership is a photo on the frontline, then you’re best head off to Hawaii as well and let true journalists get on with the job

  36. Donna Nelson // December 22, 2019 at 2:15 pm // Reply

    Double talk and gobbledygook typical of a cultural nationalist pork chop

  37. there is no left // December 22, 2019 at 3:30 pm // Reply

    if Bill Shorten had done this I could just imagine the rage from the Murdoch media

  38. Plain and simple, he should never have gone on holidays, he is the leader of this country. I voted for him and it has nothing to do with that. I think you will find everyday Aussies who feel helpless in our air-conditioned homes in Cairns care far more than he does.

  39. While most of your points are valid, I think a bit more research into the people who upset should be completed. You are assuming you know the situation and position of the people who have been deeply hurt my Mr. Morrison’s actions. Perhaps if you take a moment to dismount off your high horse you will find that a lot of us are volunteers in this field ourselves or people who have been directly impacted by this catastrophe.

    By making assumptions like these you are no better than the people who you claim to criticise.

    This is the biased, incorrect and appaling opinion of one upset individual who believes all these people are complaining for political reasons.
    I personally, don’t care who runs the country as long as they actually do that, run the country.

    So take your pathetic little hissy fit elsewhere and put your energy into something positive, like the rest of us have and either physically help out with the fire recovery or donate here:

    Account Name: NSW Rural Fire Service, BSB: 032-001, Account No: 171051

  40. Stephen Fogarty // December 22, 2019 at 7:50 pm // Reply

    These fires have been burning long before November when much of your “funding” began!. I can say that clearly because I am living in the area affected, in the Blue Mountains. Our State Premier has cut funding to the R.F.S. and also the National Parks (remember, the Blue Mountains is the city within a National Park). We are also supposed to be a World Heritage area but you would not know that by the actions of either our State or Federal Governments. Neither, in my opinion, have been providing good leadership. I think they take too much for granted! Did you know for example that sacked N.P.W.S. Staff had been asked to come back and supply their services on a volunteer basis? They have the experience & expertise needed for us to get through this! Why would they? In the meantime, the fires rage & my family has to be evacuated from the path of the fire. Another family member has 5 fires burning within her immediate vicinity. My nephews, down for Christmas from the Sunshine Coast spent the whole evening hosing the House down from ember attack. My partner and I are sandwiched between two fires, admittedly not in any real danger but putting up with choking smoke and water-bombing aircraft shuffling back & forwards between the Dam, just north of us & the fire! Apparently, both Governments have decided that they have other priorities much more important than to purchase more Fire-fighting Aircraft! We don’t need to worry about the fact that these fires are killing people and leaving many many others homeless! Some kids won’t even have school to go to when classes begin next year, but that seems to be okay as our kids don’t seem to be taught in quite the same way we were – our standards are dropping in comparison with similar countries around us!
    What were you saying again?

  41. Obviously Tit for Tat // December 22, 2019 at 8:31 pm // Reply

    Interesting article but just just as biased as the Guardian articles it’s complaining about.
    Forecast and final fire & rescue budgets never align – disasters are unpredictable and so is expenditure. Additional spend and resource allocation is not indicative of a competent government, it’s standard procedure for management of these departments.
    It’s a little rich to suggest that the Guardian isn’t sourcing opinions from experts on the ground. A heap of ex-fire chiefs would probably have a fair amount experience, it just doesn’t fit this articles narrative.

  42. Scomo, fredenburg and berejiklian are the worst leaders in parliament

  43. I bet that if the labor party were in charge they wouldn’t of cut the rural fire service funding by 70% and ignored what the climate scientists were predicting. Funnily enough a lot of what these climate scientists predict becomes true, must be a hoax tho….

  44. There are two things I want to bring to attention here.
    1. When you are Prime Minister, the country comes FIRST. Not you. Not your family’s desire to gallivant overseas. Period.
    2. Flood and fire occur at this time EVERY year. No leader, Federal or State should be taking an overseas holiday at this time. The argument they cannot do anything is bull. They can be in evacuation centres, handing out sandwiches, cups of tea. Letting these people know our leaders care.
    I wouldn’t care which party they are from, the anger from the public over a complete lack of caring is justified.

  45. The biggest fake outrage is yours and that sizable hypocrisy is only dwarfed by the fake numbers you pull out of thin air. The anti-science, coal cuddling, climate change denying ideologues HAVE made this happen through their scientific cutbacks, gutting of fire service funding at both State and Federal levels, refusal to address climate change and adopting ideologically driven nonsense that actually has made it so much worse and collectively burying their heads in the sand. You are are sycophantic purveyor of propaganda and misinformation. Hang your head in shame…

  46. Damn all that hard work after barking orders and edicts and scribbles on paper…. and he even does a lotta photo shoots and he prays too. Doesn’t that count for something (yes sarcasm intended)? Doesn’t he make good use of the money he extorts from us slaves who do the picking of the cotton on his plantation & all worth it ;)? He is such a great guy that he even poses in photoshoots with poor people after he has extorted them and whose most basic rights he has stolen …so him and a select few can have extra special rights… and so that his cult followers (the beneficiaries and ignorant) can have that warm and fuzzy feeling and sing KUMBAYA MY LORD after the fact. Its kinda akin to the idea of a thug who walks the alley ways threatens to beat old frail women with a baseball bat or points a gun at them …so he can steal their handbags and posessions. And after he has done the deed he takes off the mask he was wearing …and poses for a video ….pretending to care about their welfare and prays for them whilst giving them a cuddle and a cup of tea and a biscuit telling them things will get better soon. What a great guy! And his cult followers who suffer from stockholm syndrome lap that rubbish all up whilst being next in line to be marched to the slaughter house … and without even questioning it.

  47. It is all corruption disguised as philanthropy! Anyone that consents and enables this racket is complicit with the epic crimes being committed by centralized power structures. It is theft of free will and autonomy!

  48. The garbage spouted write up is the biggest illogical nitwittery and brainwashed crap I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The hierarchy of reason and evidence are clearly not the greatest of your strengths. No wonder we are confronted with the epic failures of today with so many nitwits enabling this monopoly on violence that has caused such incredible suffering for countless of human beings.

  49. Gaslighting at it’s finest but won’t fool everyone.

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