2014: A.J’s Media Year In Review

So apparently it’s tradition on New Years Eve, to kick back and reflect on the best and the worst of the year that was 2014. Dale’s given his thoughts and the laziest thing for me to do was copy exactly what he did, except fix a few glaring errors. I don’t do this personally as I feel that NYE is the most overrated “holiday” on the calender, but we’ll get into that later and into the list now. I’ve also added and removed categories I felt were necessary:

Best Film: The Babadook

Not only did I think ‘The Babadook’ was the top film this year, it’s undoubtedly on of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a shining beacon in a genre that finds it so hard to break away from the cliche jump-scare garbage and low budget Paranormal Activity nonsense. It’s story is so deliciously simple, yet it tells so much. It doesn’t answer any questions because it simply doesn’t ask them. Scene by scene, it never lets up; dragging you down alongside the protagonist into the depths of her impending madness and ensuring your eyes never tear away from the screen, all without using a single jump-scare. Jennifer Kent’s performance is easily one of the best I’ve seen this year and it stars a child actor that can actually deliver a believable line. It’s brilliantly shot and paced, incredibly directed, made right here in Australia and it’ll scare the ever loving pants off you. See this film, because it’s certainly one in a million.

Honorable Mention: Housebound, Gone Girl, Boyhood, The LEGO Movie.

Worst Film: The Interview

This award up until last month was easily going to ‘Transformers 4’, and then ‘The Interview’ managed to show it’s face online just before years end. I say online, because Sony’s questionable strategy to remove this from theaters due to unspecific reasons, then geoblocking it so countries outside of the US and Canada couldn’t purchase the film, lead me and millions of others to torrent it online. Setting aside the fact that this was an impressively awful film and setting up James Franco’s nomination for ‘Worst Movie Character In Existence’, the ordeal around it’s global ban and chatter about North Korea playing a part in that leaves me with a bad taste about the whole thing in general. I’d be perfectly happy if this train wreck never existed.

Honorable Mention: ‘I, Frankenstein’,  ‘Transcendence’, ‘Transformers 4’.

Best Song: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

I’ve always been a grand fan of funk and never really understood why it hadn’t transcended into modern music well. Mark Ronson obviously understood, as ‘Uptown Funk’ is one of the few mainstream songs I’ve been able to stomach this year, and it’s an absolute cracker. This shit is sexy as all get out and I’d be tipping that it’s got some staying power. Funk for life, y’all.

Honorable Mention: Foo Fighters – Something For Nothing,

Best ArtistTaylor Swift.

Taylor Swift made 2014 her bitch, with ‘1989’ becoming the first album of the year to go platinum and selling more copies in one week than any album has in the last twelve years. Why? Im not even a fan, and I think she’s the definition of pop. She appeals to kids, teens and parents without having to twerk everywhere, dress like a St Kilda hooker on mushrooms or pull bullshit in the media simply to stand out from the crowd. She’s unbelievably attractive, very well dressed and seems like a genuinely nice 24yr old who just wants to write music and have everybody around her enjoy it. You’d think I wouldn’t give a shit about her music, but you’d be very wrong. She’s a ray of sunshine in an industry that has become less about the music, and more about domination of selling sex to an under aged market so the VEVO YouTube view count will rise. I implore you to pay attention to her, because what she’s doing is important. Hell, listen to ‘1989’. You might even enjoy it (I didn’t, but that’s not the point).

Also, she’s a major fucking babe. Ungh.

Most Overplayed Song – Idina Menzel – Let It Go

How this didn’t top Dales list, I will never quite understand. Yes ‘Frozen’ is indeed a 2013 film, but the ‘Let It Go’ train steamrolled well into 2014, invading every home, theater and karaoke bar globally. The sheer number of times I’ve heard this song in such vast locations has turned it into nails on a chalkboard. It’s disappointing, because it’s by far one of the worst songs in the movie, sounding like any other pop song release you’d hear on the radio. Still, kids couldn’t get enough and now that ‘Frozen’ is the Highest-Grossing Animated Film and the Fifth Highest-Grossing Film of all time, you can expect more of this ear rape when the sequel comes out later this year.

Best Album: Pharrell Williams – G I R L

Pharrell is an odd one for me; I feel like I shouldn’t enjoy his music, but it’s hard to deny the fact that the guys got serious talent. ‘G I R L’ is seriously delicious music, ’nuff said.

Best Television Show: Fargo

This category is phenomenally hard for me to pick apart because television in the last three years has become so fucking good. Shows listed in the Honourable Mentions below are all worthy of this title, but ‘Fargo’ was the epitome of television in 2014. From the very first opening titles to the season finale credits, every scene in this show had a purpose. There was no filler, simply brilliant scripting
by Noah Hawley, a truly exceptional cast that clung to every role perfectly and a seemingly perfect story that flowed from beginning to end. Everything about this show is damn near perfect and your eyeballs deserve to watch it as soon as possible.

Honorable Mention: ‘True Detective’, ‘Hannibal’, ‘House Of Cards’

Most Disappointing Show: Gotham

This one tops the list because it was easily one of the most anticipated TV show of 2014, and it was……meh. I mean it’s the origins of Batman in a television series format, sounds good right? Except there’s really no Batman, and the show ended up been one of those case by case episodic formulas where by mid season, you could have mistaken it for an episode of CSI. Yet people still love it and that’s fair enough, I just don’t think it filled it’s potential. I’m glad that this is my opinion only, as I know a lot of people really liked this show, I guess I just need time for it to mature.


Worst Television Show: Australian Reality TV.

This truly is the bastion of television, yet it carries on year after year because that’s all the public of this nation want to watch. We dabble in the worst television known to man and deliberately put people on the screen who’s sole purpose is to lower our IQ, and the majority of Bintang singlet wearing morons eat it up like potato cakes. Here’s to online media streaming putting these creative assholes out of business in the next 10 years.

Biggest Flog: The girl who got this Millionaire question wrong.

Because saying ‘Tony Abbott’ would be too easy. Speaking of which…

  The Worst Everything Of Everything:  The Australian Liberal Party.
If you’ve got one thing to disappoint you this coming year, you can place safe bets our current government will have that in the bag. Here’s to your hilarious antics and backwards thinking Tony!

Well 2014, you certainly were a number. I’m sure 2015 will also be a great number too. Especially since all these things are just arbitrary and only hold worth because we perceive them as something special, when in reality tomorrow will be no different from today except maybe a little warmer. 2014 was good or bad for you because of the choices you made and if you’re consistent, 2015 probably won’t be much different. Tomorrow won’t be any better or worse unless you make it so. A new year isn’t going to magically fix that for you. Want 2015 to be different for you unlike all those previous years you hated so? Decide what you’re going to do and fucking do it.
Here’s to 2015.

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